There’s a new lunch spot in town and it’s definitely worth a visit. Branding itself as a “healthy grab-and-go” restaurant it’s certainly shaken up my usual boring lunch options. While there are a couple of window seats it’s definitely catering for the office workers who need something healthy to take back to their desk or take home for dinner.

While I continue to investigate what the relation is between Victorine and Cocottes (the presentation and some menu options are very similar), there are some new dishes that I haven’t yet seen in Luxembourg. Take, for example, the Korean bimbimbap dish, it can be heated up for you (highly recommend you do this) and it is a bed of white rice layered with kimchee, vegetables and topped with a runny egg. It looks simple but served warm it is very satisfying and just the right portion to get you through the winter afternoons.


I also tried the red chicken curry Vietnamese rice spring rolls and the flavours are delicious and one portion is definitely filling for one adult. At the back of the small store you will see a range of products for your pantry, there was nothing there that I hadn’t seen anywhere else so I’m hoping for some more unique products eventually but so far Victorine gets my vote as a great lunch place.