When I prepared for my ski trip, I checked the weather forecast for Switzerland and saw that the temperature would be around -11 degrees and snowing. Knowing that the high altitude would take it’s toll on my skin, I did some research as to which products would be good for these conditions and I ended up with a suitcase full of products. But by the end of the trip, it became clear to me which products were a worth bringing, so I’ve narrowed them down to share with you! I’ve not been sponsored by the makers of any of these products and they are all available from Luxembourg.


Why I always bring a candle on holiday

This candle is a gift from Jane, she actually saw it at a Christmas market in Luxembourg. I like it because it’s all-natural and made of soy wax. The reason why I chose to bring this one is because it’s compact and easy to travel with. I love to bring a candle with me because how many times have you been to a hotel room that has been a strange smell? Or how many times have you been in the room relaxing and wanted something from home to create a bit of atmosphere? I love candles and think that by bringing a small one with you, it can be a real source of comfort! 

La Roche Posay’s Toleraine Riche soothing and protective cream

I went to the chemist in Belle Etoile to ask for a good product for skiing, to protect my skin in cold and dry weather conditions. I love La Roche Posay products, they don’t irritate my skin (I always choose the unscented range) and are really affordable compared to some bigger brands. The cream turned out to be really good, I used it under make up in the evenings and during the day when I was skiing on the slopes, and it really protected my skin all day! 



Lancaster Sun Control Suncream for face

I splurged a bit on the suncream I must admit! I usually use a more affordable one on the body and then go for a slightly more expensive one for the face because sun damage really is irreversible and I don’t want to regret it later! I love the texture of this suncream, it’s not the first time that I’ve used it,  I love the creamy consistency and the fact that it rubs in very easily. It is slightly scented but didn’t irritate my skin, it’s quite greasy so I wouldn’t use it in a hot climate but for the mountains it was perfect.

 Serozinc Face Mist

Serozinc face mist is a mist toner which I discovered when my friends who suffered from acne recommended it to me. It is predominantly for oily skin, it soaks up any excess greasiness and feels so refreshing to spray on the face. It’s also really soothing to use after a long day in the sun and wind, when your skin has been through a lot. I have never used a toner (out of laziness!) so this mist is perfect as part of my speedy facial routine. Use it daily after cleansing. 

YSL Volupte Tint-in-Balm

Ok, before you look at the price, hear me out. This is not an ad so I’m not trying to persuade you, just going to let you know my experience! I generally always buy reasonable lip balms from the chemist for around 5 euros or less. But then I will always splurge a little more on a pricier lipstick or lipgloss colour. Meaning that I usually have a 2-step process for my lips. But for a trip like a ski trip, you need something that is speedy, looks nice and still protects and keeps lip moisturised. This does exactly that! It comes in various shades but it is quite sheer and keeps lips nice and protected no matter what the weather is and because it colours the lips, you don’t need to add a lipstick on top! 


What are your holiday essentials? Any recommendations for me? Comment below to let me know!