New restaurants and bars popping up around the country are definitely exciting and I’m usually one to keep my finger on the pulse for the new places. But I popped into the classic gastropub Oscars recently for a spot of lunch and was reminded again of just how good it is. For so many people it’s a favourite because you can get all the British classics 7 days a week and the kitchen doesn’t close in the afternoon. 

Since I arrived in Luxembourg 3 years ago, Oscars has been my go-to place for home comforts and it’s heartwarming to see that in the times of healthy, paired down diet food there is still a place for homely homemade food that you can tuck right into.

While the food is hearty, their slogan is still “Homemade and Freshly Prepared” and just because you’re seeing so many comfort food options on the menu, doesn’t mean you’re getting fast greasy food, it’s quite the opposite. There seems to be plenty of updates on the menu and they’ve kept up the “Burger of the Week” as well as the weekly specials which is great if you are a regular here.  During my visit the Burger of the Week was a delicious chicken burger with spicy mayonnaise, despite the breadcrumbs I didn’t find it greasy at all. Check out the Oscars FB page to see what the burger of the week is.

Vegans will rejoice that the ever popular Vegan Chilli Con Carne is still on the menu. I think perhaps what I find most comforting is that classics like All Day Breakfast are available any day of the week and just like my school days, Fish and Chips is served on Fridays. As for Sundays? They haven’t changed the roast and aren’t we grateful for it! The meat changes every fortnight and for a reasonable price of €16-€18 you can enjoy a delicious roast with all the trimmings (there’s even a veggie roast).

Some things which you might be pleased to see is that there’s a kids menu at a reduced price,  pulled pork sandwiches and spare ribs are still on the menu and Friday and Saturday Karaoke nights are still very much a thing.

Oscar’s Bar & Restaurant 
9 Bisserweg

Mon: 12.00-00.00