21st-25th March 2018

What is it?

You may have heard of the Luxembourg Spring Break Festival and pictured teenage students in Cancun, Mexico sipping tequila in bikinis, sadly I think the new name has given people the wrong idea. No bikinis or Mexico involved at all. In fact, it takes place at The Box Lux Expo in Kirchberg and is an annual 5-day event where you’ll see all the exciting things that Spring time has to offer.

What can we expect?

To tell you the truth, I was expecting a bit of a boring event, I think in my mind it was going to be something commercialised and more for HORECA businesses but I was so pleasantly surprised! Tip: Don’t forget to bring cash, there’s a cash machine if you turn left after you enter the building. The first hall you enter will be one full of homeware, furniture, hot tubs, blinds and other totally random things that probably won’t excite you.

Don’t panic, keep walking and you’ll get to the Beer Festival hall, which is any beer lovers heaven. Enjoy the different beers on offer and trial the different craft beer varities.
After that, walk down the long corridor that consists of some cool modern art and graffiti displays. Then you will find yourself in my favourite hall of all, the Food Truck Hall. With delicious and exciting food trucks from all over Benelux, you’ll find some delicious things to try and you definitely won’t walk out of this hall hungry. Feeling a bit sluggish after all that delicious food? Fear not, the next hall is the Wine & Spirit Hall, here you can try some great wines and spirits. Highlights for me include the OPUS gin, a new gin that has entered the market in Luxembourg and has a delicious floral and fruity taste which will leave you wanting more! Another highlight is Georges Schiltz’ homemade liquor and wine selection. I particularly like the honey liquor and if you’re in for something a bit exotic, try the honey liquor that has a spicy chilli kick, what a fantastic souvenir that is!


How do we get free tickets?

Tickets are 5 euros per person at the door, or you can go onto the website and download 2 free tickets per person! Yes! That’s right! I actually did it when I was standing in the queue, I downloaded the free tickets to my phone and then showed the staff my QR Code, they scanned it and hey presto we were in for free!
Here’s the link for the free tickets.


It’s one of those events that I definitely think it’s worth visiting once, it’s on for 5 days, definitely go either for lunch or for dinner and try out all the food and taste all the drinks. It’ll keep the kids entertained for an afternoon and it’s a great place to meet friends and hang out for the day. I think the one problem is that they have missed the mark with the name and I also don’t love that there is so much furniture and homeware in the first hall, it does make it a little bit naff. I would also suggest that they would merge the beer exhibition hall with the food hall so that the eating & drinking aspect is a bit more social and integrated, but all in all, I’ll be back next year! Oh, and I’ll remember to go hungry!