As part of the ‘Weekends Away’ series, I have researched and visited some of the easiest and most interesting places to visit from Luxembourg. Usually these will be places that are easily accessible by car or train or a short plane ride away. Dusseldorf in Germany was probably one of the easiest places to visit, taking just under 3 hours by car. 

While Dusseldorf is full of cultural sites and experiences, I have to be totally honest, this trip was to explore the eager foodie in me who had heard from many foodie friends that it is one of the best places to enjoy Asian food! This is unsurprising as this city has one of the largest Japanese communities in Europe.

Where to stay?
For a short weekend, it is ideal to stay in the city centre, either near Immermanstrasse or near the ‘Longest Bar in the World’ in Alstadt (also known as old town). I choose Living in Medici after a friend recommended it as a well situated boutique hotel with lots of interesting art and a great spa! I booked on and highly recommend this site, because of the great deals but also because they offer refundable options in case your plans change at the last minute.

What to do? 

Visit the longest bar in the world! Let me start by saying that this title is slightly misleading, well at least to me. I pictured one long bar that continued for miles and miles. In fact this is a street full of different bars and pubs all in a row. Either way, it’s a great place to grab a drink in the evening as the entire street comes alive. Even if you aren’t a big drinker, it’s a still a must-see. More info here.

Art lovers will probably already have heard of the Kunstammlung, an art museum founded in 1961. Even the architecture itself is magnificent. Inside you will find collections from the 20th and 21st centuries including the likes of Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Nam June Paik. Ticket prices here.

Shopping For those who fancy big brands for homeware and clothes, there’s plenty all around! I’ll let you explore that part as we didn’t have enough time to squeeze that in but there are so many stores in the centre you’ll definitely be able to shop till you drop in Dusseldorf!

Where to eat? 

Let’s get down to business and why I made the trip, FOOD! There is a part of Dusseldorf which is famously known as Little Tokyo and once you get there you will see why, there are plenty of Japanese shops and restaurants all around Immermanstrasse. Over time other Asian communities have also made this place their home so you will also find some of the most authentic Korean and Taiwanese restaurants here too. I took some tips from some friends and headed towards Little Tokyo to explore!

First stop is Takumi, as you can see from the crazy queues, this is one of the most popular places in Dusseldorf to enjoy ramen (soup noodles). If it’s noodles you’re after make sure you go to the branch on 28 Immermanstrasse 40210 because their other branch specialises in Tonkotsu which is breaded pork. There’s plenty of options for vegetarians too so don’t be shy, just get ready to queue for a good 40-45 minutes on the weekend. Totally worth it though!


Whilst you’re in the area, you may want to pop into an authentic Japanese supermarket to pick up some goodies for your kitchen. The one that I had been recommended was Hanaro*, As well as a large section of seasoning and instant noodle selection there is also a fresh sushi stand and if you go right to the back there is a fresh fish stand too. Even if you can’t think of anything you need, pop in and see if anything peaks your interest!
*45C Immermanstrasse, 40210

In the evening, the restaurant we chose was an authentic Korean BBQ restaurant called Gogi MatchaIf you’re a fan of Korean BBQ, this is the place to go. Run entirely by Korean locals in the area, the meats are well marinated and the menu is true to Korean tastes. We loved the Korean details like the kids area and the boxes to keep your jackets in so that you don’t leave the place smelling like a piece of coal! Do make sure you make a reservation though, it’s really popular. Here are a few extra tips for the area.

If on your way there or back to Luxembourg you would like to stop for some lunch, I recommend a great modern Japanese restaurant called Daikan* in Cologne. There’s a car park directly opposite and you don’t have to divert too far away from the motorway to get there. They are also open on Sundays too if you need a little fuel as you head back home to Luxembourg!
*9 Maastrichter Strasse, 50672 Köln, Germany.