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Radio Presenter
Marina Lai Lentz


How I Got Here by Marina Lai


The How I Got Here podcast was born from an observation I had, that people believed success to look a certain type of way. That to be successful you would dress a certain way, have a certain title, work for a company with x amount of employees and have a traditionally vocational career where you had to jump through the hoops of studies, internships and job placements. Meanwhile, we look around us and we know and meet success stories every single day that are nothing to do with the conventional ideas of success. They are the ones who take risks and go against what people advise, they build businesses and empires out of passion and creativity. They take entrepreneurship to a whole new level and they have some damn good stories to tell about how they got to the top. They are my inspiration for this podcast, I want to hear about the challenges and difficulties they faced, but I also want to hear how against all odds, they got there.


Previous guests include:
Grammy award-winning musician and composer, Gast Waltzing
Renowned artist Sumo
TV personality and cookbook extraordinaire, Anne Faber
Tour de France winner, Andy Schleck
BMX flatland 6-time world champion, Viki Gomez
Award winner free runner and professional parkour athlete, Lynn Jung
Actress Veronique Fauconnet

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