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Marina Lai on ARA City Radio 102.9

ARA City Radio is an English-speaking station which brings you music, chat, local & international news all in English on Monday-Friday from 6am-2pm.

One of the things about being an expat is that we can feel much more at home if we can understand the local news, so tune in at half past of every hour to hear the local news and stay in the know!

Listen live here

or download the ARA City Radio app and listen on the go for free.

My Show

I love having my own show on the radio and I love to fill the show with great music to give your day a boost but most importantly, to talk to you about current issues and get a good discussion going between us. I’ve posted my hours below so you can tune in whenever you fancy and if you want to get in touch with me on air you just have to text me! 64111 (you write ARA at the beginning of your text and then you write your message).

Wednesdays 11am-1pm



How I Got Here by Marina Lai
Interviews close to my heart include my intimate conversations with successful people in Luxembourg about how they became successful and how they achieved career milestones. The idea behind this was to show young adults in the country that they can aspire to a lot more jobs than just the ones they may traditionally see. There are so many paths to success and they can look so different for each person.

Listen here


I love music and so often in my life I use it as a tool to set the mood. Whether it’s to give myself a boost in the mornings or help me unwind on a Sunday morning, it has the ability to take me to another frequency. I particularly like indie/pop sounds and below is a playlist of some of my favourite tracks that I play on my show, for you to enjoy! Click follow so that you always see the latest version of my playlist!