Everyday fine jewellery, made from 100% recycled solid 14k gold, lab diamonds and sapphires. 1% of the brand’s profits go to underrepresented startups that are driving change while the packaging is made from 100% plastic free, fully recyclable and biodegradable jewellery boxes. 

The key to buying something and taking pleasure in your purchase is knowing that it is not just buying another item, but it is an item which you are giving a new chance to and something which will not hurt the planet. New London based jewellery brand, Stephanie Grace, focuses purely on delivering it’s the promise of a long-lasting product that doesn’t damage the planet. All their jewellery is made of solid ethically sourced gold and the packaging is not only 100% recyclable but it also comes in a keepsake tin.

Founders Stephanie Grace Hyams has created a brand which represents the modern everyday woman “who gets things done”. Speaking passionately about the brand Hyams describes the typical ‘Stephanie Grace woman’ as a go-getter, “perhaps she lives a busy and full lifestyle and dashes from work to social events with a quick outfit change but her jewellery remains appropriate and suits all occasions”.


From timeless earrings to trendy chokers it’s the perfect collection for every occasion. The slogan “You Are Golden” is a nod to the empowerment of women who wear this jewellery. Given the quality of the products you can expect to keep your pieces for years and years to come.

Delivery is worldwide so get ordering now so you can gift your friends and family they may not have seen in Luxembourg yet!!