Final Verdict

From the attentive and friendly service to the delicious food, topped off by the cheerful ambiance, it was one of my favourite Sunday meals and if I had to recommend one hidden gem for your Sundays, this would be it!

It’s such a pleasure to discover that more and more restaurants are opening on a Sunday. No longer the day of rest, Sunday lunch/brunch has become a really popular time to eat out, so it makes sense that I try to find as many Sunday gems for you as possible. I stumbled upon this one quite recently, it has been open since March 2017 and I felt that it was really worth reviewing.

Where is it?

Located in Bech, it will take you about 40 minutes drive from Luxembourg City and on a Sunday with no traffic at all, it is a popular lunch spot. Right across from the restaurant is a small brewery as well as a well-mapped out hiking and cycle path. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to enjoy a delicious meal and burn off the calories with a hike through the countryside.

What is it?

The Becher station was the only station in the 50s, in Luxembourg to have a woman in charge of a CFL station. The woman in charge, Mrs Catherine “Ketty” Stoos was in charge of a train called “Charly” from 1939 until 1954. She was also the owner of the Becher Gare restaurant until 2005. Known for placing great importance in great hospitality and friendly service, this restaurant ethic is one of the reasons why the Becher Gare is still a favourite with locals today. The restaurant features huge windows with a beautiful view overlooking the fields. The perfect setting for a relaxing Sunday.

The menu

On Sundays they offer a set menu for 49 Euros per person which includes 3 courses and a light amuse-bouche. The cuisine is traditional European with modern twists and adaptations. For example, my starter was a scallop carpaccio with a spicy wasabi dressing. There are also a small number of a la carte menus for those who do not wish to take the set menu.


Everything from the taste of the food to the ambience was really comforting and of quality. I’d really recommend ordering fries on the side as they tasted absolutely divine! While there are not many options for vegetarians, there were plenty of fish options for non-meat eaters.


The desserts lived up to the high standards set by the starters and main course. The strawberry sundae was perhaps the ‘pièce de résistance’. It was an absolutely delicious way to end a great meal. Just a small detail…when we asked for mayonnaise for the chips, they simply left a plastic bottle of store bought mayo on our table. I think it would really have been a nice touch if they had homemade mayonnaise or some kind of homemade sauce to accompany the food. Other than that, it was one of my favourite Sunday meals I’ve had!


“Don’t forget to request a table by the window, the countryside view will melt away your Sunday blues!”

This restaurant is open every day except Mondays and Tuesdays, you can reserve your table here: http://bechergare.lu/