Final Verdict

A new take on old classics, Aleo's Greek Mediterranean kitchen is delicious. The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated which and the hospitality is exactly what you'd expect from the cuisine, warm, friendly and efficient. Perfect spot for a romantic meal or even getting together with friends. The dish I would most recommend trying is the Royal Scallops cooked in a gorgeous saffron sauce (don't forget to dip some bread in to soak it all up!).

Aleo, 37 Rue de Beggen L-1221
28 77 88 69

You know it’s time to try a restaurant when everyone in your phonebook has  messaged  you to ask if you’ve tried Aleo yet. So I called up and was pleasantly surprised to find they are open all day on Sundays!

I decided to visit on a Sunday with friends because I wanted to see what the atmosphere would be on a relaxed day and this was my whole experience:


As we drove up to the restaurant on Rue de Beggen, you simply cannot miss it. A newly decorated restaurant with a sleek exterior which stands out from the rest of it’s neighbours. The restaurant is gorgeous, it’s flooded with natural light thanks to the ceiling to floor windows and a courtyard in the back. The decor is kept simple but rustic, with indoor trees and wooden furniture it makes for a very relaxed yet chic ambiance. If you enjoy any of the authentic Greek ingredients used in the dishes you can even purchase some in their small deli section.

For those visiting in the evening, there is a cool bar which connects the courtyard and private room to the main dining area. The private room, which is soundproof, can fit around 30 dining guests and is perfect for a birthday or corporate celebration (note to self:  what a great space to host friends).

But most importantly, how is the food? You’ll notice that the menu goes beyond your traditional Greek classics. While you will still find your staple hot and cold mezzes, Aleo offers a mixture of Greek and Mediterranean dishes which are unusual and refreshing. Classics with modern twists, that is what they are aiming to deliver. The menu  is  as easy for those who like their traditional Greek dishes, try the smoked aubergine, lamb shank and Kavournas for some really well done classics.

Aleo, which opened at the end of 2018 is all about the Mediterranean dining and the Mediterranean way of life. Food is spot on and the service is immaculate but warm hospitality is still very much their focus. Staff are chatty and willing to give recommendations, as we sit there enjoying great food and learning about each dish, I can see myself fast becoming a regular diner here.

No great meal ever ends without a dessert or at least a nice Greek coffee, and this was no exception. We sampled the traditional coffee and we were particularly impressed with the homemade Millefeuille and Semolina Halva. They have a huge selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, I recommend that you grab a good group of friends, book in for a Sunday lunch, ask for recommendations and just go down the drinks menu!

The kitchen is open from Tuesday to Friday from 11.30 to 14.00 and 18.00 to 23.00 and weekends from 11.30 to 23.00 continuously. The bar Is open from Tuesday to Sunday  from 11.00 to 01.00. The restaurant is unfortunately closed on Mondays.


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