Final Verdict

This delicious restaurant is definitely worth visiting. It doesn't come cheap but you wouldn't expect it to when it tastes this good! I'm definitely coming back for my next celebration!

Restaurant Amelys, Le Royal

When you think of eating at Le Royal, what do think?

I initially thought fine-dining with a big piece of a steak and a glass of wine and maybe some potatoes on the side. That might be the previous image of this 5* hotel but this is no longer the case. Since it’s recent renovation, the bar and restaurant is headed in a far lighter, more easy-going direction, with the all the same luxurious details.


The Chef

As a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, Le Royal works hard to maintain it’s reputation. It is the only hotel in Luxembourg to be issued this honour and this honour is reviewed on an annual basis. One of the ways in which the hotel separates itself from the other luxury hotels in the Grand Duchy is by inviting well known talented chefs from all over the world for a residency in their kitchens. In 2017, they invited Chef Patrice Noel from Marseille in the South of France to breathe some creative life into Amelys. It comes as no surprise that Chef Noel is rising to the challenge, he has the experience of owning his own restaurant in Urbain Dubois in Saint-Zacharie and has earned his stripes in the Michelin Guide and Gault Millau for his innovation and creativity. His talent is apparent in each dish which always looks like a work of modern art.

What to order:

Tartare de thon Albacore (23) was excellent, we weren’t too impressed by Le printemps & ses legumes (€20) while it looked and photographs beautifully, the taste is not half as exciting as the look.

Main Course:
This is where I think the kitchen really excels, there wasn’t one main course that I was disappointed with. We tried the delicious creamy lobster, homard cuit au naturel (€42), the classic sole meuniere ou grilée(€40) and the Côte de Veau rôtie (€33). I know this sounds like a very pricey meal, it is, but it is certainly a good place for a celebration or a special occasion family meal. The lobster was by far my favourite, 350g of lobster (the weight is with the shell) bathed in a creamy and buttery foam with a bed of bulgur wheat grains, honestly, this could be one of my favourite luxury dishes in Luxembourg. If you want to treat someone for their birthday or for an anniversary, this is the place to do it. They won’t expect that inside this classic hotel is something so delicious and the flavours are luxurious with a contemporary twist.

A must-try Side Dish:
It’s not often that you find a 5* fine dining kitchen serving the staple Mac & Cheese (€6) but I was so excited to see this on the menu that I had to add it on! It was totally worth it, bringing new vibes to a classic menu is what we like to see and this is no exception. 


Make room for dessert when you visit Amelys because every single dessert has been designed and handmade exclusively for Le Royal. Chocolate lovers should not miss the opportunity to try a very unique creation, the chocolate used in the desserts has been mixed exclusively for Le Royal at the infamous chocolate labs, Cacao Barry in Paris. But the star of desserts for me were the fabulously creative pineapple macaroons, Macaron ananas Kalamansi (€10).

When to visit

Special Occasions

This is a great place to celebrate anything or get together with loved ones because the food is so good and the setting is nice and luxurious. While I’d like to eat here on a regular basis because the food is really delicious, the price tag makes me feel that this is not an everyday restaurant. It would be great to see Amelys roll out some occasional promotional evenings or lunches where food is a bit more cheap and cheerful. While it is understandable that it is a 5* hotel after all, I would be first in line to see some cool affordable foodie events on their new terrace for young people!

Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch buffet here is extremely popular, the buffet has everything you could ask for and more! Don’t forget to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Again, the price only includes food and it would be really exciting to see a different price for bottomless beverages (like cremant and beer) to add a fun element to the brunch!

Sunday Brunch, 12.30pm-3pm
48 per person (buffet  + one main course)
€24 for 6-18 year olds (Kids menu available)
Under 6’s eat free!

Terrace & Bar
The two other unexplored areas of Le Royal are the terrace and bar but with summer just around the corner, I look forward to trying these out! Reviews of these coming soon…!

“Chef Patrice Noel has created a fantastic menu for Amelys, with interesting surprises and twists to every dish. Aside from the food, the Maitre D of Amelys was one of the highlights, he took great care of his guests and has a fantastic palette for wines. You shouldn’t leave without meeting him and asking for recommendations!”

And finally, a huge thank you to Elsie from Le Royal for hosting us, and thank you to Gretel from F&G Photography for stepping in as guest photographer for this story. All photos have been taken by Gretel.