Final Verdict

"You know me, I don't like to be negative so I will keep it short, the food wasn't great. I won't be back for a while but never say never because everyone deserves a second chance!"

Awada is the sushi restaurant in Clausen that people got very excited about because it is the first Japanese restaurant in that area. It’s also very conveniently located because it means that you can have an aperitif at the PIG and drinks after dinner too. 

So that’s the thing, I really really wanted to like it. It would be great to have a good quality sushi restaurant in Clausen. The decor and location are actually really nice. But the food just wasn’t great.


We stuck to sushi and didn’t take any hot dishes, except the edamame beans which were severely overcooked and mushy and the gyozas were just from frozen so nothing to write home about.



There are a few basics that need to be good for a sushi restaurant to be considered good, in my opinion. The rice needs to be cooked just right (almost al dente) and the soy sauce and wasabi needs to be fresh. The soy sauce was bizarrely sweet rather than the traditional savoury soy sauce for sushi and the rice was far too soft and overcooked.