This new healthy American café restaurant has popped up in the ever blossoming Bonnevoie area. Opened by two friends, Thierry and Brian, this could be your new delicious healthy diner.

Thierry is a French American from New York and Brian is from Washington DC. Having moved to Luxembourg a few years ago they both noticed that there was something missing in the Grand Duchy; American  food that is healthy, sustainable and still delicious.

Of course, the term “American” is incredibly broad and covers many cuisines, and Thierry and Brian aim to cover as many as they can. They have a passion for building a restaurant which is responsible; the food is either sourced locally, from an organic producer or from a sustainable supplier or all three. They work with small farmers and butchers, their fruit and vegetables are from the local community and they aim to work with small local brands. For example, they get their almond butter from Nuxi, their jam from a local confiture producer and they stock the local healthy beverage brand Happy Guts.



As for their menu, you can expect plenty of American inspiration, from pastrami to Philly steak sandwiches and homemade crumpets to Mexican brunches and my personal favourite, the veggie pulled pork! (It’s made with jackfruit!) p/s: I didn’t take a photo of the veggie pulled pork because I ate it on a different occasion and was too hungry and devoured it before the camera had a chance…oops.

Another favourite is their homemade crumpets. Lightly toasted on the outside and fluffy on the inside, smeared with butter and a dash of homemade jam is my favourite way to have it. These are also available to order for home-use, they freeze really well, just pop them in the toaster or oven when you’re ready to have one!

I don’t drink caffeinated coffee but I’ve been told by a coffee lover friend that their Colombian coffee is the best in Luxembourg…let me know if you think so too!


My only criticism is that they do host different themed Sunday brunches which sound so fabulous but they are only open on the first Sunday of every month, and they are sadly, closed on Mondays. I suspect this schedule will change and evolve as the business matures. More and more restaurants are now seeing the value of a well advertised Sunday brunch so I hope they will either start opening on more Sundays or at least on Mondays! Other than that, I can’t wait to see what future ideas Brian and Thierry will be bringing to the Grand Duchy!