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Featured, Travel

A Weekend in…Vienna

A Weekend in…Vienna   “Vienna, to me it was the tuning fork for the entire world. It was how I tested people. If there was no response, this was not the kind of person I liked. Vienna wasn’t just a city, it was a tone…

Expat Life

Where I take visiting guests

Three days in Luxembourg – our ultimate itinerary for weekend guests We always enjoy having guests visit us in Luxembourg as it gives us the chance to show off how great the Grand Duchy is. Cramming everything into one weekend can be a tough ask…

Featured, Shops

Robin du Lac

Robin du Lac Robin du Lac is an interesting store, with everything housed under one roof, it can be your one-stop shop from afternoon to evening! Whether you’re grabbing a coffee at Knoppes, ordering a cake from Sweet Factory, enjoying an aperitif at Comme A La Cave, dinner…

Featured, Shops

Sweet Factory

Sweet Factory Throwing a party ? Sweet Factory has everything you need. Yes, really. Let’s be honest, we all need a little bit of sparkle in our lives once in a while. Here is a little shop I found which has unicorns, glitter and cookies…

Luxembourg Eats

Fresh & Homemade

Cocottes It’s lunch time at the office and you step out for a bite to eat. You don’t have long as an important deadline looms and you’re in two minds about whether to hold firm on your new healthy food regime, or whether to treat…

Luxembourg Eats

Cozy afternoons in Bloom

Where do you go for great coffee and a comfy sofa? This is one our favourite hiding places when it rains… Bloom serves great coffee and some delicious homemade meals and pastries. I think it might even have the largest selection of ‘Tea Pigs’ teas….