Nonbe is an authentic Japanese restaurant in Esch, it’s modern, upmarket and last time I checked, it was delicious. Our last visit was Autumn 2019, so I figured we were definitely overdue another visit. It’s no secret that restaurants all over the world have had to adapt in this extremely difficult period and it’s by no means over, so now more than I ever, I encourage people to try more restaurants if they are able to.


The sushi was as authentic as before and the fish was still extremely fresh. The only thing to be aware of is that their menu choices have been reduced recently and you will see less options than you did before. That doesn’t mean that you won’t eat as well, because they still have an excellent selection of sashimi, sushi, izakaya (skewers) and warm dishes. The eel, sukiyaki and a few other options are not currently available, they mentioned this is to do with suppliers not being able to bring them a good quality selection so they will only take what is truly fresh and well sourced. Brownie points for their integrity and commitment to quality.
Highlights include their fried octopus, black cod, nigiri and chicken wings. [all pictured]



During this warm summer season they have opened up their terrace in the back which is really spacious and comfortable but there was too much of a windy draft for us so we moved inside. It’s really refreshing to have an authentic well-decorated sophisticated Japanese restaurant in Luxembourg, so if you haven’t been, I urge you to go and try it out!