Intrigued by the name of this restaurant I was adamant to check it out for myself. I must admit I was a bit sceptical when I did some further research and discovered it was situated in City Concorde. For some reason I am not always fond of restaurants inside of a mall. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by the decor. Sky Bar is modern, it’s  decor is impressive and the food was positively tasty too.


Located on the top floor of the new extension in City Concorde, it gets it’s name from the views of the surrounding green and also features a huge terrace which I’m sure will be enjoyed by many in the summer.

The menu comes with a hefty price tag but in return you get some really interesting dishes where the flavours are unusual but delicious and the decor of the restaurant is definitely upmarket. I dined here with my family so was able to try many of the dishes and we all particularly enjoyed the falafel, flaming wagyu beef and the crevettes grises. I would say that overall we were satisfied by 75% of the whole experience…


The remaining 25% is down to the deer my father ordered which we found very bland and we had all ordered teas from their wide selection of teas but unfortunately each person’s pot was only half filled with lukewarm water from a coffee machine each time. We did ask them to fill the teapots up all the way with hotter water but unfortunately this wasn’t fulfilled. For the price you pay for the teas you do expect to be able to get more than half a cup of it.

Other than that, the service was relatively attentive but what stands out to me the most and would encourage me to return is the interesting flavours on the menu and the gorgeous decor.  I would prefer to dine here for a nice lunch rather than in the evening simply because I find entering a mall in the evening a bit soulless but this is definitely just a personal note. Bon appetite!


Please note that it closes on Sundays and the menu is available here.