Clausen was once an extremely popular area for young people and looks to be making a good comeback, classic drinking holes like The Pyg and fancy restaurants like Le Sud have kept the foot flow but in the last few years we’ve seen a boom of even more independent bars and restaurants.

The latest addition is Bistro Le Duc, it had big shoes to fill as Maybe Not Bob’s has been popular amongst locals and expats in earlier years. We had high hopes for this new bistro and it certainly ticked a lot of boxes.

The style is retro chic. Think of a stylish old school bistro with a modern twist. The restaurant embodies what the Grand Duchy is today, classic with plenty of new and interesting nuts and crannies.

Now onto the REALLY good stuff. I am a chicken wing fiend. Every city I have lived in I have searched high and low for the best wings. It is safe to say that I have found them in Luxembourg. They come in 3 flavours, salt and pepper, homemade bbq sauce and homemade buffalo sauce. I am equally in love with the salt and pepper and the buffalo sauce ones (I’m not a bbq sauce fan in general).

I can also say that the smoked salmon starter is excellent, it’s smoked at home by the owner’s mother, it doesn’t get more homely than that does it?!

As for the drinks…ooph I’m a fan! Their best work for me, is in the ‘pornstar martini’ which is a classic passionfruit and vanilla cocktail that comes with a shot of cremant/bubbly on the side. This is the fun part, you can either chuck it in and mix it all together or sip it or even shot it! Have a try, I promise you won’t be able to just have one..

“Overall it’s a deliciously chic and trendy bistro which brings the classic coziness of the old school bistros but everything has a little modern twist, it’s the perfect place to hang out with friends. Although, for these wings, I would even go there alone…”