La Manieres des P.I.G.S

Our latest hidden gem is right there under your nose, in the city centre! Tucked away in the arcade right next door to Paris 8, La Manieres des P.I.G.S is a cozy mediterranean restaurant you will love.

The name is a funny but witty one and the P.I.G.S stands for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. Essentially it means the way those countries do it. The lady who is the mastermind behind this cozy, sun-flooded little restaurant is a lovely Greek lady with a lot of heart and soul. You’ll definitely notice this in her homemade dishes. The menu changes regularly and there are only 5-6 choices of dishes per day, there’s always a meat option, a fish option and vegetarian too of course. As for dessert, she always has some kind of home baked cookie or cake fresh from the oven. If you stop by for a coffee, remember to try her almond cookies!

The restaurant itself feels comfortable, as if you’re in someone’s home. There is an island in the middle and a skylight directly above it. The owner says that this is the reason why she absolutely had to choose this location for her restaurant. She always wanted to create a restaurant that felt like her own kitchen and living area.

It might be useful to know that this restaurant doesn’t just open for lunch (great quick service if you want a work lunch, by the way) but it is also open in the evening. Just make sure that you call up and make a reservation ahead of time.

56 Grand Rue, Galerie Beaumont

L-1660 Luxembourg

+352 27 00 32 37