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This is a really personal chapter and I hesitated for a long time before deciding to share this. In the end I realised that my own journey was made better by so many people being honest and generous enough to share their own tips and experiences that it was only fair that I do the same. It’s such an exciting chapter of my life and I’m sure those of you reading this who are also parents would agree. I want to start by saying, I’m not an expert, by any means. There have been so many interesting discoveries in my journey and I continue to find such great resources out there all the time. You will soon discover that in the world of pregnancy there are always contradicting ideas and opinions, even midwives and doctors don’t all agree on the same advice! So if you bear with me I will keep sharing all the good things I find that might help you in your adventure as a parent but they are merely what I personally found useful.


Preparing a Baby Nursery in Lux

One of the most exciting parts of preparing for a baby is preparing a baby nursery! Whether it’s an area in your room or a room for the baby, it’s definitely something that helps to make the whole pregnancy experience seem much more “real”. The…