Final Verdict

My final verdict is that the restaurant remains a great modern classic, it has all the ingredients for this title. It's always full of people, the ambiance is always spot on, the service is good without being uptight and the menu is tasty. My only criticism is that I've been to this restaurant a couple of times in the last 3 years and the same dishes seem to keep appearing on the menu, and while I think the lobster roll is good, it has been on the menu a bit too long. I would like to see the kitchen taking some more risks and offering more dishes that we perhaps haven't seen before. 

6 Plateau Altmünster, Luxembourg City L-1123
+352 26 47 84 26

Ask anyone who has lived in Luxembourg for a decent amount of time and they will tell you that one of their favourite go-to restaurants to host friends or woo dates  is Um Plateau.

Despite the fact that it is part of the umbrella company who also owns Cocottes and Tempo (at the Philharmonie), it’s still unique in style and looking at the decor and menu you would never have thought it was part of this group.

Located in Luxembourg city, it conveniently has a good sized car park just a few steps from the front door and has a gorgeous outdoor terrace that is ideal for warm evenings.

Um Plateau nails that chic cozy vibe very well, the crowd is international and it’s always full of atmosphere. The kitchen keeps serving after 10pm which can sometimes be hard to find and despite the gorgeous interiors the menu is unfussy, trendy and most importantly, tastes pretty delicious.

Cult classics include their pulled pork sliders and lobster roll.  The starters are definitely better than the main courses and I would love to see the pulled pork sliders as a main course option. The french fries were noteworthy too.  My advice would be to come here with a group of friends, order as many starters as you fancy sharing and wash it down with some nice cocktails and skip the mains and go straight to dessert.

The most memorable dish of all was definitely the Dame Blanche. Even if it means going for an extra run to burn off the calories the next day, I’d say it’s definitely worth it.


This modern classic holds it title once again and it’s still the place I would send any guests who are looking for a nice evening with good food. It’s trendy, it’s current, it’s cozy. There’s no question of that. I would just like to see the restaurant take on some new risks and offer some updates either on the style or on the menu to keep us coming back for more!