My dad’s favourite fun fact about Luxembourg is that there are over 400 Chinese restaurants in Luxembourg. Spread across the different towns, communes and villages you will find little ones, big ones, flashy ones, modest ones. Well this one has been on my radar for a long time and we finally got to try it one Sunday and it was really good.

The restaurant is great for dining in, well maintained and well run. The restaurant has been around for over 20 years and now the son of the business has walked away from his corporate job in the city to take over. Luxembourg born, he is keen to keep the local feel of the restaurant but keep on innovating and growing. From their modern menus to their weekly specials (including a very delicious Chinese hamburger), it is clear that these guys care a lot about the food they put on the tables and the experience you have at their restaurant. It is very busy on a Sunday so perhaps choose a different day if you don’t want to wait for your food.

As for the food itself, everything is homemade, from the dim sum to the hand pulled noodles. We particularly enjoyed the Sichuan chicken, garlic beef, xiaolongbao dumplings and the sticky aubergine. As with all restaurants, don’t be shy, get to know the staff and ask for recommendations. They’re all very friendly and the menu is very appetising so you might struggle to narrow down your choices without their help!