In the mood to find a restaurant outside of Luxembourg City, I started a poll on FB Group ‘Luxembourg Eats’ asking for the most popular restaurant outside of the city and Koeppchen was top of the poll, by a long way! I was so keen to see what everyone loved about this brasserie bistro, so keen in fact that I missed all the turnings on my outdated satnav and was nearly an hour late for the reservation.. (from the city it would usually have taken 30 minutes)

As you drive along the Moselle region, the views of the fields and vineyards are just so breathtaking, I would really recommend going a bit earlier to see the views in daylight, it really sets the scene for the whole experience. Due to the social distancing measures, the restaurant has expanded its terrace and it is fully equipped with umbrellas and heaters, talk about turning a crisis into an opportunity! If you prefer to sit inside, it’s equally charming, the large windows look out onto the amazing view too.

Important things first, the drinks menu. The cocktail menu is creative and includes a lot of homemade touches, we particularly liked the homemade sangria, so delicious. There are some great tapas and mezze options to share as starters, great for taking in the setting and sipping your cocktails!

While the starters were fine, the main course was a real step up in terms of taste and quality. Between us, we had the tagliata, fish soup and octopus (from the specials menu). The fish soup is really impressive, it’s a thick rich soup which you can tell has been reduced from a generous stock of seafood and it comes with the usual bouillabaisse trimmings, absolutely perfect for anyone looking for something flavourful. The octopus and potatoes were very fresh, well cooked and well seasoned, the perfect summer dinner! Last but not least, the tagliata of beef was given the thumbs up by two meat lovers.


The whole experience was really pleasant, as the temperature dropped, we were given a heater per table and the service was really impeccable. It’s also worth noting that there is a lunch menu which changes regularly, you can take a look on their website.

There’s one more thing that we all agreed you HAVE to know, and it’s something very simple but it’s the sign of a restaurant which pays attention to every single detail. THEIR FRIES! They were so so good. Too many times we have eaten at a restaurant which lazily double or even triple fries their chips from the previous day. Not this one, they were so fresh and so fluffy inside. Served with a side of homemade mayonnaise, it went down really well with everyone, not to be missed!

p.s for anyone with kids, they have great high chairs and a changing table for babies.