Final Verdict

Such an exciting addition to the food scene in Luxembourg, in just a few months it's already established itself as a popular lunch option. Some other restaurants have attempted "healthy bowls" but they've all been disappointingly lacklustre, this is the first bowl I've been excited to tuck into! I hope that they'll add more options and consider opening on the weekend because it's these sorts of refreshing cuisines that accurately reflect the diversity of this very international city!

16 Rue des Bains, 1212 Luxembourg

You may have heard a lot of hype around the very Instagrammable, very healthy and trendy dish called the Poke Bowl (pronounced POH-keh). The dish originates from Hawaiian style cuisine and it’s getting a lot of attention for all the right reasons. The dish is traditionally made with a base of rice, layered with different colourful fresh vegetables and topped with a marinated raw fish of your choice. Simple, delicious and quick. So it shouldn’t surprise you that the poke restaurant which has opened in Luxembourg city centre is a real hit. One sunny afternoon, reluctant to eat a heavy schnitzel and fries for lunch, I decided to try it for myself!


First Impressions

The restaurant is clearly catering for the lunchtime office crowds, at least for the moment (they open Mon-Fri and close on the weekends). But do note that they open also in the evenings so grab something after work! One of the owners has said that if it becomes increasingly popular there may be the possibility to open on a Saturday (fingers crossed!! Because it’s the perfect healthy weekend bite when you’re out in town in the city with friends..). The restaurant is well decorated, think Hawaiian vibes with surfboard shaped tables and colourful details. I’m already a fan as soon as I walk in.

The Food
Although it may be daunting at first if you’ve never tried a poke bowl before but don’t be shy, the guys who run this place are very friendly, speak English and French so just ask for a little help! If you’re not sure what combination works best they have preset combinations that you can just point at. It’s that easy. If you are a little more particular, you can choose your own toppings. I went for the shrimps as I’m not eating raw fish right now but I’d normally go for the raw salmon. I chose spicy mayo as my sauce but the other 3 looked equally appealing.

I’m so pleased to see that this restaurant is doing well but also that it actually tastes good. I’ve tried other restaurants which are trying to sell “bowls” as a dish and they’ve simply been lacklustre. It’s the first bowl I’ve been so excited to tuck into! Interestingly they have teamed up with WeDely so if you find that you’re not often in the city centre, why not order it to the comfort of your own home. Try it out for yourselves and experiment with all the different options they have. P.S they do final toppings at the end and I went for crunchy onions, HIGHLY recommend that you try this!