Middle Eastern restaurant Green Olive has joined one of the fastest growing foodie hotspot streets in Luxembourg, Rue de Strasbourg. A street where you can enjoy Vietnamese food on one end (Nhan Nhan), Indian on the other end (Taj Mahal) and Italian in the middle (Partigiano and Bella Napoli) can now add Middle Eastern cuisine to its credentials.

Green Olive, opened when lockdown hit Luxembourg, but the owner was not deterred. Determined to deliver organic and locally sourced food, they occupy a well located, bright and comfortable casual dining restaurant in the Gare. The owner of the restaurant has been known to give away food to homeless and those in need, even customers were asked to take more food home at the end of the day to prevent wastage as everything is prepared fresh for each day!


Originally from Iraq, the owner loves to cook food from Greece, Turkey, Iraq and Syria. From smoked aubergine dips to cauliflower fritters, the food is delicious and predominantly vegetarian. Whilst chicken is sometimes available, meat is definitely not the focus of the menu here. Ask for recommendations and the accommodating staff will help you put a meal together.


Whilst many enjoy dining al fresco just outside the restaurant, during my visit I noticed plenty of people stopping by in the car and by foot to pick up lunch and extra for dinner. It provides a solution for those looking to get their food quickly but still care about the quality and taste of their meals. Even if you don’t have time to eat-in, consider picking something up for your next meal. As for those who prefer food to be delivered, you can now enjoy the food from the comfort of your couch, delivered by WeDely.