Arosa, Switzerland
Hotel Kulm

Arosa is a great choice for those of us living in Luxembourg. You can either fly to Zurich and take the train straight to Arosa (very convenient) or if you don’t mind a scenic drive, you can drive there in approximately 5 hours. Arosa is a great, family-friendly ski location because there are plenty activities for kids and adults and if you are new to skiing, you’ll love the variety of blue (beginner) slopes they have! In the evenings it is a little quieter so if you are looking for a place full of apres ski parties,  this isn’t for you, but this is perfect if you need a little retreat to feel fresh and rejuvenated in just a week!


All the gear…
…and no idea!

So this was my first real skiing experience, and let me tell you one thing, if you’ve never skied before don’t let anyone put you off. Before I went on this ski trip, friends told me… “Oh it’s dangerous!” and “Oh, you’re learning in your 20s…ooh that’s really difficult” and admittedly, I was very anxious going into this.


But I was really pleasantly surprised! I had ski lessons every morning for 2 hours and then I would ski with everyone else in the afternoon to practice what I had learned. In a week, I was able to get comfortable with the blue slopes and even try a red! So don’t lose hope if you haven’t skied before, if I can do it, so can you!




The feeling…

I fell in love with skiing. The mountains, the snow, the fresh air, the FOOD! Did I mention the food?! No, but seriously, the feeling of skiing in the mountains is something beyond anything I have ever experienced before. It is the only sport I have ever done where I don’t think about anything else or worry about anything else. That’s probably why it is such a relaxing holiday, you truly live in the moment, concentrating on your skis and the mountains and nothing else!


Tip for any anxious newbies…

I would really recommend booking a session at an indoor ski slope. I booked a 3 hour beginner’s crash course at an indoor snow centre in London and it was the best thing I could have done. It really calmed my nerves and I felt really confident on my first day on the slopes. Having a session before you arrive means that you aren’t overwhelmed by the surroundings and the pressure of having to get it right on your holiday!