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ARA City Book Club

For a full list of book club books from 2016 until now please click here. 

This English speaking book club started in 2016. I absolutely love to read and as most book lovers will tell you, there is nothing like sharing your favourite book recommendations. Today the book club is so much more than just a place for book recommendations. We are now a monthly community who meet up once a month and discuss our favourite books over a glass of wine at Culturando. The other (important) thing about the book club is that you don’t have to read the book before you come! Yes, you read that correctly! This is a reverse book club, members decide each month which 2 books they have enjoyed lately and present them. You attend, decide if you like them and then read them in your own time! No pressure! I wanted to create a friendly environment without any obligations and any spoilers!

We’re a friendly bunch! Come along to the club and see for yourself! You don’t have to register and it’s totally free. You can e-mail me at to join the mailing list or ask any questions.