When people visit Luxembourg, and they ask where they should I get a drink with a view. 9/10 people will say Scott’s, but the recommendation is usually followed with “but eat somewhere else.” That is because, historically, Scott’s unashamedly served microwave pizzas and crisps, and never really gave the food thing a go. Well now they’re giving it a go, and it’s a damn good go too. You will now find a specials menu as well as a regular fixed menu. It’s not an extensive menu but the options that they do have were pretty appealing.

We asked for the bestsellers but they were out of the ‘pulled pork burger’ and ‘Scott’s burger’, which the waiter tells us, is a firm favourite.  So we went for the ‘turkey club sandwich’ which is an open sandwich and was absolutely delicious, it had a perfect sunny side up egg on top which made for a delicious yolky drizzle. We also ordered the ‘farmer’s chicken’, which to be honest with you, was good but nothing to write home about. I will say, that it is served with a delicious green sauce though.

For the sides, we went for the truffle fries and corn on the cob. The corn on the cob was cool, it comes whole, charred and well seasoned. The truffle fries are loaded with “truffle” and I thought the fries were great but for the amount of “truffle” that was on them, it didn’t taste enough of truffle, but for the price reflected that so no complaints here.

On the whole, though, the experience was fantastic and the service was 10/10. The menu lends itself to be shared, which is perfect for pub food and it’s great to see that there will be seasonal changes on the specials menu so we won’t get bored of the options. It’s also worth noting that we had a very attentive waiter and it was great to see one of my favourite rosé’s ‘Whispering Angel’ on the menu.

I look forward to going back again, it feels like the whole experience is complete now. Not only can you now enjoy a drink by the Alzette river, but you can have a great meal with it too.