After restaurant reviews, this is by far the second most popular topic whenever I ask my readers. Finding a good facial! While there are several places to get specialist facials in Luxembourg, I was curious about the Biologique Recherche experience. The brand is well known for getting great results and is at the forefront of skincare research, so naturally, I really wanted to give it a go!

There are two locations for the salon, the one I went to is on Route d’Arlon, (opposite the Josy Barten stadium and the entrance is behind the building) and I’ve been told it’s slightly bigger than their Gare branch. Both accept online and phone bookings.

The Experience

The brand’s bespoke skincare method is what makes the experience so unique (and pricey), but the technology speaks for itself.  The 3-step process involves analysis, treatment and finally maintenance/prevention. The first thing you do when you arrive is to have your skin texture, condition, elasticity, dehydration level and pigmentation analysed by several probes and a computer. I was worried that it would just tell me that everything was awful and that I basically needed a new face…it wasn’t the case, it let me know my problem areas but also recognised the areas that my skin was doing well too. This was reassuring for me and I was comfortable that the machine was quite accurate and truthful! Once your skin has been analysed your esthetician will create a bespoke facial treatment that will help you to improve the condition of your skin.

The Facial

Everything from the room to the facial itself was luxurious and such a great treat. It’s easy to write off these sorts of treatments and think that they are not important but after stress, weather, hormonal and dietary changes as well as ageing, everyone’s skin could do with a pick me up and I was relieved to hear that if you take some products home to continue the treatment you actually don’t need to commit to facials too regularly to see great results.

The Products

The final step is done at home with the brand’s own products which have been carefully selected for you by your esthetician. If you do a little bit of research online you will discover that the brand’s products are well known and popular with skincare junkies. It’s also worth noting that you can’t just purchase the skincare, you need to have a consultation or treatment so that the specialists can advise you on which products will best suit your skin. Popular products include the P50 lotion created by the founder in the 70s, the placenta serum (which has now been reformulated to be plant-based) and the vernix mask (also known as the second skin treatment). Personally, I was really happy that the personnel were not pushy at all with the products and I only took half of what was suggested to me and they helped me to choose the ones that I needed and leave the less important ones for next time! They do put you completely at ease.

The Damage

The whole experience is one of luxury, so I didn’t expect that they would go easy on the credit card, but I will say that it feels worth it. What you’re paying for is the expertise, the experience and most importantly the bespoke treatment. You will not get a generic facial that applies to every customer, instead, you will get what your skin needs. I can imagine if there is a particular condition that you really wanted to focus on and improve, this would be exactly the place to go. For those who just want generally better skin, it is great to go and get some advice and staple products for your routine. You can then reorder from them regularly and the products can be delivered to you. There is no commitment to return regularly for treatment and analysis unless you want to.

As the treatments are bespoke, you won’t get the exact price beforehand but the guidelines are €135 for 60 minutes and €185 for 90 minutes. There is more information here but the team are very friendly and speak all languages so feel free to pick up the phone to them too! They have a great Whatsapp Messaging system too to reach you.


It’s definitely a treat, but it’s a treat that I would be thrilled to have again! I loved the knowledge of the estheticians and to be able to find out more about my skin and how it’s doing was really worth it for me. I’m still using the products at home and so far am very happy with them. I say it is a lovely way to treat yourself and if you want to work on an aspect of your skin, in particular, this is where I would invest my money and time. Great experience!