Final Verdict

Bazaar is here to transform the Luxembourg food scene, bringing a trendy bustling atmosphere to a corner of the city that was losing appeal. The overall experience makes Bazaar not just a great restaurant in Luxembourg but a great restaurant that you'd expect to find in any major city!

The line between bar and restaurant have long since been blurred and it’s one of the reasons why we have great buzzing atmosphere in establishments all over the city. From cocktail brunches at Paname to wine and tapas nights at Barrels, the demand for vibey interesting bar restaurants has gone through the roof. The latest addition to this category is a Middle Eastern inspired restaurant called Bazaar.

Bazaar is perfectly located. I have a theory that some of the best restaurants in cities are always perched on street corners. We like hanging out between the end of one street and the start of the next. It makes us feel as though we are in the middle of all the action. This is no exception. Bazaar occupies one of the busier street corners of Place Guillhaume.

The Decor

From the creators of the trendy cocktail bar and brunch spot Paname and classic watering hole Urban comes Bazaar. The decor matches the theme of the restaurant, it’s not extravagant but it’s just enough to compliment the Middle Eastern cuisine. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it’s the most well decorated Middle Eastern restaurant in Luxembourg. The circular bar in the middle of the restaurant is a great touch, transporting guests to a big city vibe. The hustle and bustle of this restaurant is exciting, it’s refreshing and it’s very promising. Despite the fact that it is still early days for this new restaurant, it draws a sophisticated and dynamic crowd.


The Food

The menu is a series of authentic paired back dishes, think smoked aubergine, hummus, homemade pittas and charred meats. You won’t be overwhelmed by the choices but you will walk away satisfied and content that you had a good meal. I found the grilled octopus average but everything else was noteworthy. The pittas are made fresh on demand and the roasted pork belly was a firm favourite. It’s a great place to go with friends because the dishes really lend themselves to being shared. A big mistake would be not to share and have 4 plates of hummus and 4 plates of pork belly!

As with the other sister restaurants, the cocktail menu is a focal point and helpings are generous.


It’s a great restaurant. Whether it’s for your next date night, girls night or just lunch with friends you’ll find good food and great ambience under one roof. Something a lot of restaurants have struggled with in Luxembourg. I’m really impressed with the atmosphere of the restaurant, I’m pretty sure it will be filled with excited customers for the coming months! Having said that, there is a tendency for restaurants in Luxembourg to keep the same menu for years (‘why fix it if ain’t broke’ seems to be the general attitude!), so I really hope that Bazaar keeps us on our toes by switching things up every now and then and bringing new choices to the table!

Address: 46 Place Guillaume II, 1648 Luxembourg