Mao Street Food
261 Route d’Arlon

Driving down the Route d’Arlon you may have noticed a new red sign poking out onto the street. That’s how I first noticed Mao Street Food and when I slowed down to read the sign, I saw the mesmerising words “street food buffet”, I think from that moment I didn’t stop thinking about it and fantasizing about all my favourite Asian street food experiences. It had to be done, I had to try it and I most certainly had to review it for you guys.


The Concept
An all you can eat buffet concept:

  • €18 per person for a weekday lunch
  • €28.80 per person for dinner & weekend brunch

Sushi buffet is provided by Ginko and there is an unlimited hot streetfood order system on a digital tablet. Perhaps what might also be interesting to you is that for a reasonable price you can also have an all you can drink wine option

The Decor
You can’t fault the decor, it’s a great looking concept. There’s a strong communism theme throughout and memorabilia and paraphernalia from this period of time in China fill the place and gives it a nostalgic feel. I’d give it a  strong 8/10 for the decor, it’s a cool place to eat and the restaurant is a big space so you’ve got cosy corners for groups and open spaces that are close to the buffet which makes it also family friendly.

The Food
Now, this is where I became really disappointed. When I first walked in, I heard the women speaking Mandarin as they sat at a table making dumplings and dim sum from scratch. So I was really eager to try the food. But after I had sampled all the food I was disappointed to find that there was only one real dish that I enjoyed, the spicy chilli chicken ordered on the tablet. The rest of the food was rather lacklustre and lets down the great looking restaurant. I wondered if perhaps they focused more on the taste on the food and the quality over quantity the whole experience could be saved?

The Verdict
I imagine that this place is a great success at lunchtime for office workers nearby. It’s quick, reasonable and big enough that you’re likely to get a table with your colleagues. However, as a restaurant, the reality is that the food is just not good enough for repeat business, at least for me anyway. There is so much room for improvement for the food, they’ve put all the hard work into the decor and the concept now it’s time to get that food up to scratch.


Good news is, the restaurant looks great and the concept is new and exciting for Luxembourg so if the kitchen improves, there’s no reason why Mao Street Food can’t be a hit in the future.