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Hi everyone! I grew up in Luxembourg and like most of my classmates, I went away to study abroad, after school. Back in 2009, I came back to Luxembourg and little did I know, that I was going to meet my future husband, about two weeks after I arrived. Since then we bought a house and have two amazing little boys that keep life interesting. I have set up my own business as a Certified Health Coach, where I can share my passion of self-care and wellbeing. Every day I get to see my clients truly step into the beautiful beings they have always been but maybe have forgotten.

From: Denmark

My Business: I offer 1-1 coaching sessions for you who feels disconnected from yourself. We can get so busy in our lives that we forget to take care of ourselves. At some point we find we are stressed out, unhappy and unhealthy. I help my clients find back to themselves and create more balance in life. My coaching style will get you to take charge of your life again in a sustainable way and will bring you to finally take care of yourself, reduce stress, and find confidence within yourself. My wish is for you to Get Real about your health, life and wellbeing. Do you have a dream of feeling good in your body, your mind and in your soul, then maybe Health Coaching is for you? My practice is in Dommeldange where I coach in person, but I also really enjoy coaching online where my clients can relax in the comfort of their own home. I offer a free sample session to begin with, to see if our chemistries match and to see if coaching is for you. I also offer workshops about Holistic Health/Gut Health/Nutrition. For more information visit:


Price: Prices vary, please enquire.


Languages: Danish, English, German, French and Luxembourgish

Category: Health & Wellbeing, Coaching


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