The first Charles Sandwiches branch has been open in Luxembourg City has been open for a few years now. It’s been extremely popular as a lunch option for business workers as well as teen students. When they announced that the second branch would be opening in the Gare, little were surprised and even thought they would have already expanded by now. Now that they’ve opened at 16 Rue du Fort Bourbon, they are fast building an equally impressive following at this 2nd branch.



While many people perceive sandwich lunches to be something that you just grab and go and enjoy at your desk while you rush to finish your spreadsheet deadline, Charles Sandwiches invites you to stay and enjoy your sandwich properly. The 2nd branch is cozy with a very similar rustic decor to the first branch but this one has more ceiling to floor windows therefore making it brighter and more welcoming. Open all day (even Sundays), you’ll see customers enjoying their sandwiches even in the middle of the afternoon. (It’s great to take note of places that are open all day in case you’re ever caught needing food between 2pm-6pm)


It’s a chilled atmosphere with great service, all the staff are attentive and friendly. English seems to be the main language spoken between staff. They have great music playing in the background (all be it a little bit loud on the day I was there) and strong Wi-Fi. For those of you who worry about eating alone, you’re be in great company. Plenty of tables were occupied by customers eating on their own and just enjoying their meal.



It’s also worth pointing out that they serve homemade mango lassi and a great selection of organic teas so it’s definitely a place which encourages you to take your time. My only feedback is perhaps it would be great to see “sandwich of the week” specials which you wouldn’t find on the menu to liven up the menu. Perhaps they might also consider serving homemade mayonnaise rather than little pots of plastic ones. Other than that, the sandwich was delicious, the homemade fries were great and I’ll definitely be back!