Review: Thailand

72 Avenue Gaston Diderich

Luxembourg is definitely not short of Thai restaurants, but a good authentic one takes a bit more searching to find. While I already have a favourite Thai takeaway (will be revealed soon in a post!), I was still missing a cozy Thai restaurant to go to with friends. I find that Thai food is a great crowd pleaser and manages to satisfy even the more fussier of dinner guests!

The Restaurant

I asked around and the restaurant which kept coming up as everyone’s favourite Thai  was ‘Thailand’. I finally got round to trying it and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. It’s a small stand-alone restaurant in Bel Air and it has such a nice cozy atmosphere. The Thai man in charge is not the friendliest of people, but that’s ok, I think he is so focussed on running the restaurant like clockwork that he doesn’t have time to chit chat.

The Menu

It’s great to see so many options on this menu but it can feel a little overwhelming so do ask for recommendations if you get stuck. I simply looked around the room and saw what most people had ordered and asked for a combination of the popular dishes! It is also worth noting that the vegetarian menu is really extensive and has plenty of gluten free and vegan options so you will definitely not struggle if your guests have plenty of dietary requirements. Major kudos to the owner who has managed to cater to many different requirements.

The Food

Honestly? It is not the best Thai food I have ever had. But it is definitely one of the best. It is great to see some really traditional dishes on the menu and I absolutely loved the crab fried rice and red curry. The portions are small to medium so you will probably need to order a little more than usual. I would recommend one starter per person and then order a curry, a vegetable, rice or noodles to share. Each main dish comes with white rice so don’t worry if you don’t fancy ordering fried rice or noodles. It occurred to me that they may have adjusted their flavours slightly for the Luxembourg palette because the spices were milder than I would usually expect from an authentic Thai kitchen. Nonetheless, it was a really satisfying meal and I think their dishes are mostly well executed and I enjoyed the food enough to go back again and again!


The Verdict

It was a great evening, but it didn’t come cheap. We were two, we had 3 bottles of water, no alcohol, 2 starters, 3 mains and no dessert and it came to just under 90 Euros. So definitely more of a special treat rather than a regular eatery, but that’s ok, because I have a feeling that this is a restaurant which will deliver a certain level of great food time and time again. The restaurant has been around for over a decade so I do think that perhaps they could revisit their dishes and consider if they could refine some of the flavours just to avoid the potential to become complacent. But if I had to put my money on a Thai restaurant in Luxembourg which won’t disappoint you, I would put all my money on this one! It’s also worth noting that the owners are apparently the same as the owners of Thai Celadon which is another popular Thai restaurant in the City. So that is next on the list!


Final Verdict

Great, cozy Thai restaurant with a large menu! It doesn't come cheap but you definitely get what you pay for so get your wallets and stomachs ready for a treat!!