Final Verdict

All in all, it's not cheap and the ambiance and service was much better than the quality of the food itself. But then again, the restaurant is new and perhaps these are just the usual growing pains of a new restaurant. It is refreshing to see a restaurant with good service so I wanted to give a solid 7 for that!

This new restaurant in the centre of the city caught our eye when we were looking for a nice place for lunch. Jane and I were walking through the city and we had no idea what we fancied eating but we saw the newly renovated decor of this place and were drawn in immediately.

What was meant to be a quick casual lunch turned into a liquid lunch consisting aperol spritzs and cremant! It was most definitely something about the great service and the ambiance that encouraged us to really take our time, turn our phones off and enjoy the meal. It would be a shame to go to this restaurant when you don’t really have the time for it, it’s definitely somewhere to enjoy the food and drink properly.


We both ordered the same thing, battered prawns with truffle mash and fries. Whilst the batter on the prawns was a bit too thick and the truffle mash was not as smooth as I’ve had before, the menu was quite exciting and the options are inviting. Interestingly enough, they are listed as a ‘Mediterranean’ restaurant on Facebook but the menu looked to me as more of a Modern European restaurant. Perhaps they will develop the menu further and we will see more of the Med-style in the future.  We ended the lovely afternoon with a Cafe Gourmand, which we would thoroughly recommend and can’t wait to visit again.